GHHS Healthcare

The centre known as GHHS Healthcare advocates “Prevention Is Better than Cure” and is the first Preventive Healthcare Concept in Malaysia that offers Western Medical Screening Technology and Integrated Wellness Treatment with Traditional Chinese Medicine; Japanese Wellness & Korean Beauty; Modern European Wellness and German and Swiss Regenerative Medicine.

With professional specialists and highly sophisticated diagnostic equipment, GHHS Healthcare provides 40,000 members with the best care and technology available. GHHS Healthcare has conducted over 18,000 medical screening tests in 2020. Since inception, we have conducted over 150,000 check-ups with over 70,000 health abnormalities detected including cancer resulting in a high members satisfaction rate of above 90%.


At GHHS Healthcare we provide services to reduce the likelihood of health emergencies. The services that GHHS Healthcare and Wellness Centre provided include ENT Screening; Heart Clinic; Gastroenterology & Hepatobiliary Care; Cancer Prevention and Immune System Screening; Internal Medicine Physician; and Metabolic Syndrome and Obesity Clinic.

European Wellness Retreat (EWR)

European Wellness Retreat at GHHS Healthcare adopts a holistic approach that captures the four essential pillars in the wellness system: Diagnosis, Detoxification, Repair & Rejuvenation. It is a Swiss and German wellness and rejuvenation retreat; and a leading Integrated Healthcare Solutions offering a non-invasive approach for anti-ageing, aesthetics, preventive, and holistic treatments of chronic diseases.

GHHS - Chinese Medical Centre

Revolving around the ancient TCM Philosophy which boasts a long history of 5000 years or more, an extensive array of TCM and Wellness Care services are provided such as Scoliosis Treatment, Fertility Treatment, Paediatric Care, Post Stroke and so on. A TCM pharmacy is also available where trained consultants dispense herbal prescriptions to promote the restoration of harmony in the body. Our Chinese Physicians; TCM Tuinalogists; TCM Reflexologists; and Herbalists are qualified and approved by the Ministry of Health (MOH) Malaysia.


Secure your health’s future today. Visit GHHS Healthcare today and discover how prevention truly is the best cure!

Yunohana Wellness Spa

Discover a haven of serenity and renewal at GHHS Wellness Centre’s revitalizing wellness spa. Surrounded by lush greenery, immerse yourself in a range of spa services and indulge in authentic and soothing experiences. Uncover our hidden gem within the luxurious Palace of the Golden Horses, where pure relaxation and 5-star hospitality await you.